Thanks for your interest in becoming a stall holder/seller at our Virtual Christmas Market!

We know that the closure of Christmas Markets around the world has hit the Handmade / Craft Indie Business hard. Selling online and digital promotion is so much more important this year than ever before – reaching the perfect audience is crucial.

NOVEMBER 2nd 2020

The Worlds Biggest Virtual Christmas Market is set to attract Millions of Christmas Shoppers Daily! To read more about the Event, Marketing Efforts and potential Attendee statistics, please read our Official Press Release.

Start Selling, Even Before the Market Starts!

Our Early Bird Vendors are already seeing Sales from their Introduction Posts in the Market Group!

We’re offering Vendor promotional packages created specifically for small, independent businesses to help promote their products to the best possible potential customers for 2020. Here’s a quick overview of where our Vendors can be promoted:

Our main site for the Event will be constantly promoted across all of our Channels.
(4K+ Pageviews/day as of 9/26)

Virtual Market Group

The best place to interact with potential buyers – before and during the Market.
(30.6K Members as of 9/26)

Market Facebook Event

Host a Facebook LIVE Sales Event, or simply promote your products.
(138.1K Guests as of 9/26)

RSVP Email List

Our RSVP Newsletter list will feature select Vendors in our Daily Schedules.
(4.2K Subscribers as of 9/25)

Vendor Eligibility: Vendors can be located anywhere in the world, and we will cater your promotions to your preferred time-zone. As you will be promoting your existing selling channel (Etsy, Website, Facebook, etc) you can keep your existing Shipping policies. More information is available in the Vendor Package details.

Vendor Package Details

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We may use your to contact details to get in touch about any changes or updates to the Virtual Christmas Market Vendor Packages, or upcoming events. We will never share or sell your information.

Please note, that we are not accepting MLM/Direct Sales representatives for the market as we are focusing on promoting small, handmade, craft and independent sellers. However, we do offer Brand Sponsorship Packages for businesses, please get in touch on