Hello Market Vendors!

We are SO EXCITED that the Worlds Biggest Virtual Christmas Market is ALMOST HERE! We want to really WOW our attendees and shoppers, and plan on doing several Market Giveaways as extra promotional boosts!

If you’d like to be featured within our Giveaway Promotions, please submit an item as a Prize below. We will use the details given and include you in all campaigns that promote the giveaway your item has been chosen for – you’ll then hear back from us on who/where to send the prize! That’s it!

Submit a Prize for Market Giveaway(s)

Please provide the estimated value of the product in USD.

Brief Description of the Product (eg: Red Leather Handbag, Personalized Dog Ornament)

We will be assigning different products into Giveaway Bundles or Hampers - the item photo and your Shop name & link will be used in all promotions of the giveaways, of course.
This may take place in our Website, Facebook, Live Events, or RSVP Email Newsletter campaigns.

We will submit all details of prize winners and expect items to be shipped out within 7 days.

As we will be hosting domestic Giveaways within our Shop Local events, please Confirm that you're willing to ship Worldwide.
(Most of our Members are in the USA/UK but with a large number in Canada and Australia)
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