During the Christmas Market Dates we will have a specific Calendar of Events that we will be promoting across all of our Marketing Channels. As a Premium Vendor you have the option to host a 1 Hour Live Video Sales Event – which will be Livestreamed across Facebook, YouTube and on our website at www.ChristmasMarket2020.com

Below are some FAQs followed by the Booking Form, please Complete it ASAP.

What is a Live Sales Event?

It’s a 60 Minute scheduled Livestream Video Event where you can show off your handmade creations, answer questions, and promote your products!

Does my Sales Event have to be LIVE?

No – If you’re not comfortable with being LIVE – you can simply film a 30-60 minute video and it to us in advance. We can schedule it to ‘go Live’ at your scheduled time. You can watch alongside everyone else, and interact within the comments too.

What do I have to do during the Video?

That’s up to you! You can show off your favourite Products, show how your products are made, host a Crafting / DIY Session or anything else! You will be able to see and reply to the Live Comments, as well.

Can you give me more info/examples?
Yes! I’ve linked to a few previous Live Craft/Sales Events of creators we are a fan of – these can serve as inspiration for your event!

Magnolia MercantileChristmas Crafting
Red Door Boutique Products & Shop Tour
Keep Calm & Fizz On – Christmas Live Sale
Kristy’s Craft Room – Christmas Ornaments
Dixie Dot Crafts – Christmas Sale

I’m not very Tech Savvy – will it be difficult to do?

No – actually, the software we will be using requires NO technical knowledge at all. If you plan on hosting LIVE all you need is a laptop or computer with a camera & microphone. We will simply provide you with a link that you visit at the time of your Live Event and everything else will be organized by us.

If you want to record and send us the video, we will be handing all of the behind-the-scenes production and integrations directly.

I don’t want to film a Video OR be Live.

The Live Sales Event is entirely optional. If you’d prefer to simply have extra promotion for your products – we will happily edit together a promo video from your product photos and share across all of our channels. You’ll still feature in our Daily Market Schedule post which will be pinned across all of our Facebook Channels and highlighted on our website. If you wish to Opt-Out please send an email to Vendors@Christmasmarket2020.com to let us know.

Livestream Sales Event Booking Request Form

This must be completed before November 1st in order to guarantee your spot during the Worlds Biggest Virtual Christmas Market.

LiveStream VideoPre-Recorded Video

Pre-Recorded LiveStream Sales Vendors will be expected to send their 60-minute video to vendors@christmasmarket2020.com before November 5th.
The best way to do this would be by Google Drive Sharing Link - or WeTransfer.

If you have limited availability - please choose to pre-record your Live Event.

I Am Available Any Date

I am ONLY Available on these Dates (select multiple):
Sat Nov 14Sun Nov 15Mon Nov 16Tue Nov 17Wed Nov 18Thu Nov 19Fri Nov 20Sat Nov 21Sun Nov 22Mon Nov 23Tue Nov 24Wed Nov 25Thu Nov 26Fri Nov 27Sat Nov 28

Note: Priority for dates will be given to those hosting a LIVE Event, followed by Pre-recorded Events.

*Your Time Zone:
AustraliaUK/EuropeNorth America

*Your Time of Day Preference (can check multiple):
Morning (9am-12pm)~Afternoon (1pm-5pm)Evening (6pm-9pm)

~Please note: Australian Morning Slots will only be available for pre-recorded videos, due to timezone staffing restrictions.
We will always match your Time Zone but may not be able to match your Time of Day (depending on availability).

We may also use some of your product photos from your Featured Vendor Listing.

Please submit this form only once. Issues? Email all the same info to: vendors@christmasmarket2020.com

We will try to contact everyone by November 5th with their Livestream Slots.