We’ve set up this page to answer the most common Vendor Questions and to provide some guides for Vendors to get the most out of their Virtual Christmas Market promotional Spots during the Market Dates (Nov 14th – 28th).

Reminder: You are allocated one Post per Promo Spot, which needs to be submitted to Virtual Christmas Market Group – NOT BY EMAIL.

Due to the volume of promo spots and emails – please do not ask for us to confirm that your pending post has been received. If you’re unsure, check your Facebook Activity Log

Your post can be submitted up to 48hrs in advance, up to one hour before your spot time, will go into the queue, and be published any hour during the Promo Spot window.

You must include your Xmasly URL at the top of each Post.

You have to submit ONE NEW POST in advance to the Virtual Market Group for each PROMO SPOT.
We have updated every Vendor Listing with their Promo Spot Dates/Times
Can’t find your Promo Spot Email? Request it again.

About Market Promo Slots
We have allocated Promotional slots for best Vendor Reach. Each Slot only allows for a limited number of Vendor Posts (to prevent post ‘burying’) – and each of those Vendors are from a variety of categories, to provide product diversity and are published over a window of several hours within each Slot to not ‘SPAM’ our Followers. Each Slot caters to different time-zones, so you’ll be reaching your most suitable Market Shoppers.

A note about the 12am-3am Promo Spots – these are intended to reach a North American audience, and will be published on GMT+1 day. Eg: November 15th, 12am- 3am GMT(16th) = November 15th, 7pm – 10pm ET / 4pm – 7pm PT

If you have any questions – please review the Questions & Answers below.


How does this work?

We get this question asked a lot – and unfortunately it’s not specific enough to answer – if we have more detailed questions/answers below, so please look for one that most closely matches the ‘working’ part of your question.

What’s included in my Vendor Package?

Each Vendor Package includes the following promotional options, as outlined in our Vendor Agreement.

1) Inclusion in our Vendor Listings on www.ChristmasMarket2020.com
Basic Listings are automatically set up on Vendor enrolment by the Virtual Market team. (For more info on Featured Vendor Listings please see Gold Package FAQ below)

2) Introduction Post in the Virtual Market Group
Every vendor is allowed to post one promotional spot introducing themselves and their products to the Group, prior to Market Dates. Each post must adhere to the Group Rules in order to be approved by the Group Moderator.

3) Date/Time Allocated Promotional Spots in the Virtual Market Group during the Market Dates.
We expect our highest traffic and best reach to be during our Market Dates, November 14th – 28th. We will be providing at least Two (2) promotional windows to each Vendor during which we will approve a Promotional Post to the Virtual Market Group. (Gold & Platinum posts will also be shared across additional Social pages, see Gold & Platinum FAQ Below)

The reason for allocating a specific timeslot for each Vendor Promotion is to maximise best exposure to our Members/Followers by a) posting in your preferred time-zone b) limiting the number of vendors each day c) ensuring that vendors in similar categories are spaced out for product diversity. All of these ensure better sales for each Vendor.

Market Date Promo Spots have now been sent to all Vendors.
Can’t find it? Request your Promo Spot Email Again.

Gold & Platinum Vendor Packages include additional Promotional Options see Gold & Platinum FAQ Below.

When & Where do I post/promote?

If you have already completed your Introduction Post in the Virtual Christmas Market Group, and are not a Gold/Platinum Vendor (they can post more often – see Gold & Platinum FAQ Below), you will have to wait to receive your Promo Slot details.

We have emailed out the Vendor Promo Slots to all Vendors as of Monday November 9th. Can’t Find it? Request your Promo Slots be Resent here

You can submit your Promo post to the Virtual Market Group up to 48hrs in advance, and up to 1hr before the Spot Time. It will wait as PENDING and be approved during your Promotional Slot Time.

Why wasn’t my Post Approved?

Our Virtual Market Group has posting guidelines, you’ll have to ensure you’re following them in order for your Promo Post to be approved. You should receive a notification specifically telling you which Rule wasn’t followed if your post isn’t approved.

The most common reasons for post being declined:
– Not including *Featured Vendor* or *Intro Post* on the top line (prior to Market Dates – rule does not apply during the Market)
– Not including your Custom Xmas.ly URL at the top
– Sharing/Linking from another Group/Page
– Posting AFTER your Allocated Promotional Spot Time.

Can I update my Vendor Listing?

If you are a Basic/Early Bird Vendor your Vendor Listing includes:
Shop Name, Brief Description, Categories and Shop Link.

Gold + Platinum Packages include a Featured Listing with also:
Product Photos, Detailed Description, Vendor Location & Shipping Info.

If you are a Basic Vendor and would like to add these details to your Listing, you can Upgrade to a Gold Package (listing update must be done before Nov 10th)

Can I upgrade my Package?

Basic/Early Bird Vendor Packages can be upgraded at a discounted price to take advantage of the additional promotional features in the Gold Package (such as a Featured Vendor Listing and inclusion in our Shop Local campaigns) – You can Upgrade Here.

If you are a Gold Vendor and wish to upgrade to Platinum to host/promote a LiveStream Event, please get in touch directly on press@christmasmarket2020.com

Gold / Platinum FAQ

Where will my Post be Shared/Linked?

Each Gold/Platinum post approved to the Virtual Christmas Market Group during the Market Dates will be shared to the following Groups/Pages:
(Follower Counts accurate as of Nov 8th)

Christmas Crazy (Followers: 508, 300)
All Things Christmas (Followers: 40,280)
Christmas Central (Members: 235,600)
All Things Christmas Group (Members: 7,200)
Virtual Christmas Market Event (Guests: 174,000)

Can I update my Featured Listing?

To add the Featured Listing details to your listing, please use the Featured Listing Update Form (do not use to report errors)…

Please check that your Featured Vendor Listing update is submitted before November 10th. No updates to Vendor Listings will be made after the Market Begins on November 14h, 2020.

If you wish to fix an error with your Listing, please email us on vendors@christmasmarket2020.com including your Shop Name & details on what needs to be fixed.

I have Questions about my Platinum Live Slot

Please see the separate Live Event FAQ on the Platinum Event Page.