Ataraxy Farm – Tally’s Goat Milk Products

Our products are made with unpasturized goats milk. All our goats are hand milked daily. Our Shampoo bars are made with Sunflower Oil (for hair repair & growth) and Shea Butter (for scalp problems & taming hair). Our Facial bars are made with Grapeseed Oil (for fine lines, breakouts, & tighten pores). Our Body bars are made with Avocado Oil (to protect, replenish, & repair skin). Our Lotion bars are made with Beeswax (natural skin protectant). Our Conditioner bars are made with Olivem 1000 as our conditioning agent as none of our products contain any palm based products. We do not use perfumes, colorants, paraffins, or chemicals in any of our products and we use minimal environmentally friendly packaging. Our bars are also great for traveling!

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